This isn’t another one of those expensive, inspiring conferences people pay thousands of dollars to attend and be put in nice hotels with classy food and way too much “networking.”

No, this is Future Leader Congress. We’re here to solve the world’s toughest problems. We promise to push you to work harder than you ever have before, teach you things you never would have encountered, and to break you out of your comfort zone and your current way of thinking. On day one, be prepared to hit the ground running. In this Congress having incredible speakers, designed to create the perfect blend of practical, actionable skills, and advice with mind-blowing, perspective-changing inspiration. By the end of Congress, you’ll be comfortable being uncomfortable, you’ll see the world in a completely different light, and you’ll have formed deep bonds with 400 world’s brightest participants.


Future Leader Congress is held by Studec International. Entering its first annual session, FLC aims at bringing together more than 400 young talented future leaders all across the world to experience United Nations atmosphere. With grand theme “Becoming the Next Leader in the 21st Century”, FLC 2018 offers full of inspiring conference by renowing international speakers in United Nations Young Leaders, conducting a cultural exchange session and a comprehensive discussion and empowering diplomatic skills that emphasize on future leader qualities.

All of these combined activities will gather the most excellent 400 young professionals, activists and leaders of Asia Pacific countries, allowing delegates to have an overwhelmingly rich network of contacts around the world. In a nutshell, this Congress would be the best opportunity for global youth leaders in Asia Pacific to expand their influence and provide them with a platform of collaboration in reaching their personal and professional goals to be the front-runner of sustainable development in their respective countries.


United Nations Conference Centre

United Nations Building in Rajadamnern Nok Avenue in Bangkok, Thailand

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Welcoming Session

Welcoming Session will be held on the evening of September, 16th 2018. The coordinator program will deliver opening remarks to officially mark the start of the Future Leader Congress 2018.

Committee Session

Future Leader Congress provides committee session before the congress start, in order to learn the congress work and to understand the rules and procedure of this event. The committee also explain do’s and don’ts all of the session and guide the delegates step by step procedure of the congress and networking session.

International Youth Congress

Future Leader Congress, will be attended by International Speakers, Government, Young Innovators, Social Activist and the experts. Having grand theme Becoming The Next Leader in 21st Century, it offers full of meaningful hours and inspiring conference.

Young Innovators Conference

There will be more than four experts from different fields play as mentor to ensure that the discussion bring the best solutions and ideas from the delegates.

Gala Innovators Dinner and Awarding Night

While having dinner together, the delegates will get the opportunities to know each other and expand their networking in global atmosphere. And the night will be peak of enjoyment and inspiration as we will present prestigious awards to high achiever delegates.

Cultural Night

Celebrate diversities of our multi–cultural regions by having electrifying cultural show that exhibits authentic traditional costumes of your nationalities. Delegates will begin to experience multiculturalism, as they will meet other delegates from foreign countries.



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Future Leader Congress 2018

United Nations Conference Centre

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