Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 : How can I register for the 2015 Future Leader Congress?
Registration must be done at the FLC website–


Question 2 : How much the program fee?

USD 250 (Only Program)
USD 430 (Program with Accomodation)


Question 3 : Are there any tips and tricks to get sponsorship?
Letter that declare of your needed fund. The application letter should consist of your background joining the FLC 2018, goals and values, reason why you’re choosing this company and the benefit parties for you and the company. Then you could look for companies/ institutions that sponsor other events or activities similar to FLC and create your list of potential sponsors. Then, research every company/ institution or person on your list, contact them and make a good communication with them. Send all of the documents, define the deadline and follow up them.


Question 4 : Is the congress fee include all session of conference, workshop, and gala dinner?
Yes, the all the mentioned program (welcoming & committee session, congress, innovation conference, gala dinner, awarding & cultural night) is included in congress fee and no need the additional fee.


Question 5 : What is the facilities of the congress?
Full-time liaison officer, international competent speakers & mentors, international certificate, first aid, professional documentation, meals and coffebreak during the program. Exclude hotel, transportation, and meals out of program.

And with accommodation fee include hotel 5 stars 4D3N (Sukosol Hotel), Airport pickup + Airport drop and city tour.


Question 6 : How can I reserve a hotel room, and what are the rates?
Please click here for information. And for Delegates with accomodation, they will stay in Sukosol Hotel (4D3N) Five Stars Hotel


Question 7 : How can I get the Visa?
Free Visa is for ASEAN Countries. If you need a visa, so easy to apply online Visa (Electronic Visa) with affordable fee. Please click here for the step.


Question 8 : Is the congress schedule available?
The detail schedule already posted on our website. A full congress schedule, including conference sessions and speakers, will be send to the delegates email.


Question 9 : How can I receive a list of participants or attendees?
The participant list is sent to registered attendees: after the regular registration deadline.


Question 10 : What services are available for special needs and requests?
If you have dietary preferences, please be sure to mark those on the space provided on the registration form when you register.


Question 11 : Is there funding available to help with travel/registration costs?
FLC is unable to assist with travel or registration costs.


Question 12 : Will I receive a certificate of attendance?
A certificate of attendance is available during the congress, it will be given in the end of session.


Question 13 : What is the cancellation policy for the congress?
Registration fee are refundable, 75% (include bank service fee) for cancellations up to August 15. No refund will be issued for cancellations starting on August 16, 2018.


All cancellations must be sent in writing via e-mail to the conngress register. FLC is not responsible for problems beyond our control such as weather conditions, campus conditions, travel difficulties, health issues, etc. No refunds will be given in these situations if occurring after August 15.


Question 14 : I am an overseas participant and need a letter of invitation before I can receive my visa. What is the procedure?
Upon full payment of congress registration fees, the participant may request an invitation letter by emailing FLC will not supply an invitation letter to unpaid or unregistered participants, and FLC reserves the right to refuse to provide invitation letters for attendees.


Question 15 : How to pay the program fee?
First, please visit this link Second, choose your program (Program Only) or (Program with Accomodation). Third choose payment method (You may use Credit Card, Paypal, Internet Banking or ATM). Fourth fill the payment form and click Place Order. Lastly  click Proceed Order.


Question 16 : Can I able to use Debit card, Credit Card and PayPal ?
Yes, you can. You may follow this link to see the payment instruction:


Question 17 : How can I come for the congress, I do not have any sponsor and am not getting my parents can’t even sponsor me, can I get a sponsor?
Unfortunately, we do not provide any sponsorship or financial support. We suggest you apply sponsorship to your university. Maybe they will help you in funding.


Question 18 : I am looking for sponsors to companies and the government. Therefore, I am required to have FLC to provide, not a financial support, but just a sponsorship letter to state support of my demand for financial support from the corporations and government.
Unfortunately, Not. We only provide the letter of acceptance and proposal event.


Question 19 : I really want to know how make the connection with the company with the FLC? just give me an example please that why the company sponsor a student for FLC 2018?
In every companies, they actually have arranged budget for education needs and other social responsibilities, especially in Indonesia.  It should give to the needs. College student is on the list.


Question 20 : My question is not listed here. Whom do I contact?
Please contact Naisha +60 17-609 8072 / Kiki +62 87515248406 for assistance.